College, NJ Tubes, and Life

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[Image shows 3 spoons on a laptop background. Overlaid is a clipart of torn white notebook paper with a red clip art. In red text reads “College, NJ Tubes, and Life with a red checkmark. Below is the URL for Thee Crohnie Grace Blog.]

As you all know my life has been a bit hectic, between cardio problems, port problems, NJ problems… basically a lot of health problems, on top of moving out and starting back up to college.

image1 (91)

[Image shows me sitting in front of my door at the apartment, in my blue shirt with three holes in the front, I have my make up on and my feeding tube and green and black glasses.]

Monday was my first day back, luckily with only two classes, math and then biology. Starting my day at 9:30am, not my favorite thing in the world. Especially when my bed mattress is hard as a board.

I was a bit anxious about math, because it’s been a long time since I took a math class. And I also always have anxiety about being the “Sick Kid”, I don’t want teachers to think that because I am sick I will fall behind or not give it my all. I am an overachiever which is both a pro and a con for me, the stress can make me sick, but I graduated honors.

My math professor was really great though. He is from Germany, and acknowledged right off the back that math is hard and that asking for help is perfectly okay and nobody should feel bad for not getting it the first time around.

I talked to him about my health issues, cause I like to let my teachers know everything going on in my life in hopes that they will be understanding if something happens. He thought my feeding tube was an oxygen tube at first, which oddly enough isn’t the first time someone thought it was oxygen which I find weird cause they look nothing alike, but feeding tubes aren’t seen too often in the media or television like oxygen tubes are.

After Math I had til 5 that night before Biology so I just went back home and worked on math until then, taking notes so that if I come up on anything that I struggle with I have the notes to go over and refresh my memory. Bio was easy, the professor was really smart and nice. He is a microbiologist, but he is able to simplify biology and relate it to every day things. Which was nice.

Tuesday I had math again, and then my communications class, which I had to leave early for my echocardiogram.

I got labwork and then went back and waited for the radiologist, we had to take off the heart monitor I was already wearing. (I still haven’t put it back on actually, the adhesives break out my skin really bad so I’ve been avoiding it.)  It took a lot longer than I expected.

There was no noticeable problems with my heart luckily, minus the tachycardia and blood pressure. So I will still be waiting for my cardiologist appointment to do other tests. After that I had to go back to my Bio lab class, that I was a tad late for. But the Professor is really understanding and everyone was really nice.

Wednesday was my appointment with the radiologist, Dr. Kirkland, to replace my NJ tube and check my port. I was anxious about this due to the last time and the issues we had with my narrowing of my nasal passage from scar tissue.

But luckily this time I was in a much calmer mood, I was not as overwhelmed, and since I had to be at the college later today, I was not going to let them give me any sedation so that I could still function later. They were pleasantly surprised to see me calm and collected and chipper. They remembered me from the last two times I had been there, once as a confident and optimistic “I got this” girl, and the other as the meltdown mess.

I took out my old NJ tube and had them bring me the heavier and thicker tube. They had tried to do it the last time, but due to the narrowing it was impossible, but this time I decided to try it on my right side instead of my left.

image5 (40)

[Image shows a white tube with purple connectors wrapped up and the end is a heavy clear thing with metal weights]

I quickly pushed the tube down, with ease this time, and then we went back to the OR room to guide the tube from the stomach to the jejunal under X-Ray, and also to handle some port issues.

This tube was easier to guide than in the past which was nice. We got it quickly into the jejunal and were able to remove the wire and tape it down. The wire is definitely the worst part about the tube.

image2 (77)

[Image shows me in a hospital room with my new NJ tube, with a tie dyed t-shirt and blue cardigan, no makeup.]

Once the tube was placed, then we decided to take a look at my port. He said it was “highly unlikely” that a port flips entirely. So we went under x-ray and tried to access, it looked fine, but once they stuck me, it struck hard plastic and was unable to go any further, proving that my port had, in fact, flipped completely and would need to be replaced.

So then I was able to go home, I was exhausted though and decided not to go to math class since I was already ahead of my math class anyway. So I went home to sleep a bit before my next classes.

image3 (63)

[Image shows me laying down without glasses and with my blue and white owl blanket, no make up]

The rest of the week was long and boring with college which kept me very busy. Luckily the weekend came quickly. I got to go to a local concert for a band that my boyfriend’s friends plays in. Got to do engagement photos for an awesome couple and had some downtime to myself for once. image6.JPEG

[Image shows me with a forest background, there’s a white triangle with crystals, and an eclipse. I’m in a black dress, with black leggings with a crescent moon on one knee and a pentacle on the other, I have a cardigan on that has the evil eye and Hamsa in black and white. I have my makeup done and my NJ tube hooked up and green/black glasses.]








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