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[Image shows 3 spoons on a laptop keyboard. Overlaid is clipart of torn white notebook paper with a red paper clip. On the paper in black text reads “Running for a Cause” with a clip art of blue. white, and green sneakers. Below in small red text is the URL for Thee Crohnie Grace Blog]

My mom has always been my biggest supporter and advocator. I couldn’t ask for someone better. She’s been advocating for me since I was 8, and even now at 19 she continues to advocate and help me raise awareness for my illnesses.

The last couple months my mom has been organizing a group for a 5K involving inflatable obstacles. Including both family and friends, they organized the group, designed T-Shirts, organized a yard sale to make the money for the t-shirts, and each and every one of them finished the race.

Last Saturday they adorned their shirts and got ready for the race. For a lot of them it was their first 5K. It was a big accomplishment for my mom, for her it was her first.

image1 (1)

[Top image shows the entire group. From left to right: Tall man in a green tank top and compression shorts and a mustache, that is Marcia’s boyfriend, then Marcia standing in shorts and the purple team shirt with the image of a knight with a heart shaped shield featuring purple, green, and zebra ribbons on it. Then is another lady in her team shirt adjusting her sunglasses, my mom’s friend Bri crouching, Henry standing behind her, my mom with her hands on Bri’s shoulders with sunglasses and her hair braided, then there is my step grandfather Jeff in the back in a white tank top, then my step sister Shelby in front of him in a team shirt, and her hair in braids as well, then beside her in a striped tank top and glasses is my brother, and behind him is my step father, Christopher in a black tank top. Beside my brother is my small step brother, Hyland in a team shirt tucked into his long black shirts, with their arms around Hyland is my step Aunt Jennifer in a black tank top. Besides her is her daughter, Hannah, also in a team shirt. Slightly in front of her is my step grandmother Diane in a pink tank top that I think says “For the Love is the Run” but I could be wrong, then with one arm around his grandmother is my cousin Harlan in a team shirt and sunglasses. The three images below are the same photo just upclose and split up. At the top of the photo reads in pale transparent purple text that says “Believe in Yourself”]

We got up at 6am and left by 7am since the race was not in our town. We got there around 9:30, though the race didn’t start til 11. Everyone had to check in, get their numbers, and stretch out before they ran.

The first obstacle was a bunch of inflatable stairs which led to a slide. I was in charge of taking photos since running/walking for long distances just isn’t really an option for me. Especially considering I started the day by waking up to a heart rate of 160.

After they made it off the first obstacle, then they had to do some running through the woods before making it back to the outside and back onto obstacles. Things such as inflatable wrecking balls, using a rope to climb over walls, making their way through mini mazes and much much more.

I waited at the finish line to see everyone and try to snap some photos of them sliding past the finish line. The first couple to cross of our group was Hannah, Harlan and Hyland (my cousins and brother), followed by my brother, Ross, then Henry, then Bri, then Shelby, Jeff, Diane, and Jennifer. Then the rest of them, and my mom.

My mom slid down the slide and then rolled over, both happy and exhausted, before getting back up and excitedly running to get her shirt and medal for finishing the race.

image2 (1)

[Image shows my mom running in our purple shirts, her hair braided, wearing sunglasses, and her hand wrapped in the sleeve that someone else cut off their shirt. It reads “Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to TRY”]

Everyone headed to go get water and relax a bit before we went home. They ran this race with shirts that on the back gave links to CCFA, G-Pact, and Hypermobility.Org to raise awareness for Crohn’s, Gastroparesis and EDS. They called themselves “Knights of Thee Lady Grace” based off the fact that I call myself Thee Lady, and also because of my LARPing.

I was so proud of everyone! And it looked like a ton of fun, I would have loved to give those inflatables a try. I’m hoping to one day be able to cross running a 5K off my list once I get healthy enough. But considering my heart rate just standing was higher than everyone who had ran the race, that may be a while! But it was incredible and I was so proud of all of them for doing it and not giving up. They really are amazing, I love  them all. I could not ask for a better set of Knights to represent me.


   Thank you to everyone who ran in the race and wore a t-shirt to raise awareness. You all are just awesome. Thank you. And can’t wait to see you all at the next 5K 😉



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