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[Image shows three spoons on a laptop keyboard. Overlaid is a clipart of white notebook paper with a red paper clip. On it is a red silhouette of a butterfly and in black text below says “Just an Update”. At the bottom of the banner in red text is the URL for TheeCrohnieGrace Blog]

A while back I said I would give an update, seeing as how I had therapy on Monday, had to get labwork this week, and figure out the schedule for my NJ tube replacement. Alas, I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately seeing how I have been without my normal nutrition routine. Just recently have I been making more of an effort to write, bake, craft, etc. Doing the things that make me happy. So without further hesitation, here’s how my week has gone.

Monday I went to therapy, where we worked more with DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) handouts and worksheets. This time talking about how to obtain objectives skillfully.

image3 (55)

[Image shows a worksheet that reads “Interpersonal Effectiveness Handout 3. Overview: Obtaining Objectives Skillfully.” Including 5 boxes. The first saying, “Clarifying Priorities. How Important Is: Getting What You Want/Obtaining Your Goal? Keeping the relationship? Maintaining your self-respect?” The next box says “Objective Effectiveness: DEAR MAN. Be effective in asserting your rights and wishes.” The 3rd box says, “Relationship Effectiveness: Give. Act in such a way that you maintain positive relationships and that others feel good about themselves and about you.” The 4th reads, “Self-Respect Effectiveness: FAST. Act in such a way that you keep your self respect.” And the last box reads “Factors to Consider. Decide how firm or intense you want to be in asking for something or saying no.”

We started with her saying that you always have to ask yourself certain questions when it comes down to “Objectives Effectiveness”. Questions like “What do I want from this interaction?” And “What will work to get those results?”

We discussed the acronym in the worksheets called DEAR MAN, which teaches you the steps and skills to be effective. Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, (Stay) Mindful, Appear Confident, and Negotiate.

These were meant to be used to be more tactful in verbally expressing issues or problems I am facing and working towards being able to resolve those on my own without getting overwhelmed. I haven’t really been able to put them to use yet because I’ve just been in a bit of a rut so I haven’t been as productive in expressing feelings in a positive manner lately.

Tuesday, I had to go get labwork because I needed to get it done before I could get my NJ replaced. So my mom took me to get that done. The lady, Dawn, remembered me as she checked me in and took me back for labs. She let me know that they cannot draw labs from my port because only a RN can do that. So with that I gave her free range to try to find a decent vein. After 4 attempts and no luck, I told her I would come back tomorrow but that I had hit my limit for the day before I would cry. Still got the bruises from the attempts.

Wednesday I went back, this time with my grandma. Dawn took me back, tried on the vein she had attempted first the day before, no go. She insisted it was the only vein she could really feel but that it was just really scarred, so she tried again in the same spot, this time digging around and finally getting it. All of that for just one small vial of blood for whatever test my radiologist had ordered.

Thursday I went to the fair, already wrote about how that played out. Yesterday got photos done with my mom, baked a cake with my friend, and we tie dyed t-shirts (my hands still are purple and blue from the dye). And got my NJ tube placement time figured out.

Monday I have to be at the radiologist at 7:45am, they are going to put me under this time I believe, and honestly, I’m a bit thankful for it because admittedly the NJ placements are a bit more uncomfortable than the NG, simply cause of the hard wire they have to use to guide it from the stomach to intestine. I refused to be put under last time simply cause I had college later that day, and couldn’t afford to be loopy or sick from the anesthetics.

And that just brings us up to today, I tie dyed another shirt, and have been watching Bob’s Burgers wrapped up in my owl blanket. My heart rate has been in the 160s all day which has been making me feel crappy. Tomorrow I have to run an art contest for the LARP I do and then that will bring me to Monday. Where I will give you all another update on how my NJ tube placement went. And hopefully I will start perking up in both mood and energy once we get that back in order.


[Image shows me in a grey and blue shirt laying on a yellow rug, from the chest up. My arm is bent and my hand is in my hair. I am on my back and my head is facing up, eyes closed. There are orbs of light on the photo and in the center in curly blue text reads “So Many Reasons to Be Happy”.]




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