Passport Problems: Tubie Struggle

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[Image shows three spoons laying on a laptop keyboard while a clipart of torn notebook paper with a red paperclip overlays. On the paper reads in black text “Passport Problems: Tubie Struggle” with a postal image of an eagle and lines in the upper right of the paper. At the bottom of the banner is the url for Thee Crohnie Grace Blog]

A vacation is anything but when you have to deal with all the pre-vacation issues. Scheduling the trip, getting your passport, packing, making sure you do not forget anything you will need. It is hard enough with limited energy whilst also trying to schedule doctors appointments, surgeries, and the next college semester.

After we got the passport photos done and sent in, I really thought that was it and that in a week or two we would have our passports and all I would have to do is make sure to pack all my medicine and medical equipment to survive for a week on a boat.

So you can imagine my annoyance when I check my email and find an email from the United States regarding my passport saying that I have to resubmit a photo because: “The photograph you submitted cannot be used because bandages or medical equipment which obscure the face may not be worn in a passport photograph.”

Of course down at the bottom they state if it is medically necessary that I can have my doctor email me a letter or the medical orders, but I cannot just email them back. They only accept snail mail, so I have to pay to send them a letter back from my doctor that says “Oh yeah, this isn’t some edgy fashion statement. She sort of needs that tube for medical reasons.”

You would think this would be pretty common knowledge that people do not just shove tubes down their nose for fun. Not to mention in comparison people wear glasses all the time and it obstructs their face far more than my tube which I use clear tape so it’s not like there’s a large white bandage on my face. Alas, the government apparently does not know this. Regardless, this is a hassle, the least they could do is pay for the postage.

Someone suggested I could photoshop my tube out of the photo, but I don’t feel like I should have to look like an abled bodied person to get my passport. Disabled people are silenced all the time as it is, so I am not gonna be like “Oh I’m sorry there’s a tube on my face. Let me just hide my disabilities for you.” I am unapologetically sick. This just proving more and more that the world is not an accessible place for people with disabilities. Hurdles are thrown up in our already complicated paths.

So while today’s blog post WAS going to be about the Cripple Punk Movement, today you were graced by a lovely bitter rant about the struggles of being a tubie in even the most boring things. So tomorrow I will be talking about the Cripple Punk Movement: A movement that is exclusively by the physically disabled for the physically disabled.

image1 (67)

[image shows me resting my chin on my hand with a raised eyebrow in an annoyed/questioning expression in a burgundy sweatshirt with my NJ tube on my face and glasses pushing my hair up out of my face.]


Stay Tuned!



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