Finals are Over!

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[Image shows: 3 spoons on a laptop keyboard with a clipart torn piece of paper with a red paper clip in the centre. On that paper are the words “Finals are Over!” in black font and a small blue award ribbon in the upper right corner.]

While I am excited that my English class and Computer class are over, I actually will miss my pottery and sociology class. Sociology this year really taught me a lot about how I learn and my better studying skills (color coding is great).  I will miss the little bit of social interaction in the classes, even though I don’t think I worked up the courage to talk to more than maybe one person.

Of course now that finals are over I can focus on some of the things I have been wanting to work on: painting, photography project on chronic illness, teaching kids at my Amtgard park sewing, learning more songs in Sign Language, more time to blog. I guess there is all sorts of things I could be doing.

The problem with that is I also have had zero energy. All I wanna do is sleep. Brain fog has been keeping me from doing much. I started a sash for a friend and haven’t been able to finish it from hands cramping up, same with a painting I started for a game I love. I put off blogging until late at night because after a bath I tend to feel a bit better pain wise, of course the hot baths make me a bit light headed and nauseated too, so it’s a bit of a win-lose situation.

It has given me time to work on a photo project I had started 2 years ago and have finally restarted.

[Photo image 1: warm black and white photo of me pushing a syringe of prednisone into my feeding tube, my red nails are the only thing colored, along with the bit of yellow from my feeding tube. Photos 2 and 3 show black and white photos of my socks which have various medical paraphernalia on them with my bottles of pills and medicine scattered on the floor and on my socks.]

It’s just a photo project supposed to highlight more gracefully and artistically things about my illnesses and every day life. Things from feeding tubes, mobility aids, medication, and ostomy stuff.

Mostly I have been doing the normal spoonie hobby of watching Netflix. I watched all of That 70s Show twice, Bob’s Burgers, I’ve seen How I Met Your Mother so many times now I’ve lost count, and now watching Malcolm in the Middle.

But I have been doing some productive things while waiting for my doctor to get back to me. Scheduling therapy appoints is always productive. I’ve been trying to schedule things to get my port and start Entyvio but the surgeon who normally does my stuff is backed up and it would take an extra month for him to do it, which means we just gotta find a surgeon who has the time. I also have been working on tracing back my lineage to find out what Clan I have ancestors in.

image4 (1)

[Photo image: excel spreadsheet that reads “354 Robert Fleming, b. 1773 Dublin, Ireland, d.” and then “355 Betsy Strombaugh, b. abt. 1792 (Ireland?)”]

With the help of a friend in Amtgard, she was able to trace my lineage all the way back to one of my great grandfathers named Robert Fleming from Dublin. I also have a lot of Mullins (My great grandmother was Grace Mullins) in my family who were likely part of the Clan MacMillan and of course there was Clan Fleming too. Over all it has been extremely exciting learning about my family history. Mostly on my father’s side since it mostly Irish, in comparison to my mom’s side which is more German with apparently a little bit of Irish there too!

I think it would be extremely cool to incorporate family tartan colors into my garb for Amtgard or if I ever get married or just to even get a tattoo of my family clan. I have always been a huge fan of Celtic/Scottish/Scandinavian stuff, and so finding out all these details has been truly fascinating. Ancestry is so fascinating. I would have never known my family mostly lived in Kentucky for hundreds of years, or that my great great great great grandfather Salomon Mullens fought for the Union in Kentucky during the Civil War. Or that I had a great relative who fought in the Revolutionary War and that I qualified to be in the Daughters of the Revolution. So I really have to thank Christy a ton for all her help with my ancestry. I would never have found it out without her help.

Now when I go to the Celtic & Scottish Heritage Festival I can actually find out more about the Clans because I actually know what to look for now and maybe even travel to Ireland and Scotland in the future and find out more there!

[Image 1: Me standing outside. I have red hair, red eyebrows, black and green glasses and bright red lipstick and my feeding tube while in a green shirt. In the upper left hand corner is the Clan Fleming crest which looks like a belt with a goat in the middle and words that say “Let the Deed Shaw”. Image 2: Me standing inside, this time with a more subtle red lipstick and black shirt on. In the upper right hand corner is the Clan MacMillan crest which looks like a belt with a two handed sword in the middle and words that read “Miseris Succurrere Disco” which in English means “I learn to care for the unfortunate.”]

Éirinn go Brách! 


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