Amtgard Weekend Event and Post Event


[Image of Sir Moe’s Knighting as he walks under the swords of the other knights]


Friday at 7am we packed up and left to leave for Hagerstown, Maryland. I got all dressed up in garb because I didn’t want to waste any time since I had to be at the event at 2pm for the Roleplay Panel I was offered a spot on.

The car ride was exciting as always as me, my overbelt, my underbelt, and Henry all shared sass and stories. We stopped a few times for food and drink. The first stop at Burger King my overbelt posted this:

image1 (3)

Saying “As we travel I am trying to convince people that the reason Grace Shockey has her medical stuff is because she is really an elf and the world is too toxic for her.”

The other stop that cracked me up was we stopped at a Kroger because I was starting to get sick and turns out I forgot my zofran, not to mention my pill crusher. So we stopped at Kroger’s pharmacy and picked up dramamine instead in hopes that it would at least knock me out so I wouldn’t throw up. The pharmacist stopped me and was like “Oh my gosh where did you get your ears? You’re adorable. Can I get a photo?” So I let them take a photo of me in all my garbed glory.

Instead of Keebler Elf, I’m a Kroger Elf. Any who, I got the medicine into my system which helped take the edge of my sicknesses. We made it to the site on time, and to the panel.

The panel was a bit nerve wrecking because 2 of the four speakers had been on panels before, and the other at least remembered all 4 questions. Meanwhile I forgot the last two questions after “What’s your name and where are you from?” So after I answered that, I paused awkwardly and then the panic set in as I just whispered “Oh no.” I contemplated at the moment just standing up and walking off, but Lord Rellik saved me by going on about how I was the regent at my park and a great one at that and after that I was fine.

After the panel we went to get food and then to the hotel so that those who did not dress up in garb from the beginning could before they went back to the event.



[Me in my brown and green garb with my NJ tube, glasses and circlet, leaving the hotel]

I mostly stayed at Stag Camp that evening since it was a bit chilly, it ended up pouring down the rain and we left early. We chatted in the hotel a bit before I left to take a hot bath and go to bed. I woke up that night at 5am throwing up, stopped my feeds and went back to bed.

That morning people went to the Waffle House and I stayed behind. We then went back to the site where I put in all my A&S Entries and then watched my overbelt’s panel. It was hilarious.

I got to then preform my song I had learned in ASL. I did 7 Years by Lukas Graham which was super fun. Then I hung out at roleplay tavern for a little bit and then back to Stag Camp and took photos. I wish the site wasn’t so huge so that I was able to get more photos but with how much pain my joints were causing me I couldn’t get as many photos as I had wanted. Not to mention the only bathrooms that had handles to help people on and off or that were wheelchair accessible where all the way over inside the feast hall which was both down hill and then back up hill.

While I was trading stuff my overbelt and underbelt went to get Indian food and grab my feeding equipment. Once they got back I hiked my way to the car and got my dress and had a friend help me change out of my garb and into the feast dress. I hung around and chatted with people, collected my A&S entires once judging was over and then headed back to Stag Camp. I got my belt favor from Shannon Ross who had used it to enter in the Dragonmaster.

Spoonie favor

[Image shows an assortment of things such as a quilt, a bag, and then to the left the Spoonie Belt favor made for me by Shannon]


Everyone headed up to the feast hall around the same time for food and then court. The line was crazy but luckily I had Dor help me get in but then I remembered my belted family was sitting outside so I had to go back out and sit with them. I ended up bruising my hip on the tables cause they were a tad too close for even tiny me to squeeze through with my cane.

Afterwards we sat down for court where my belted family placed 1st, 3rd, and I placed 4th in the A&S. Then we got to watch awards be given out to people as well as my favorite part which was Moe’s Knighting.

After the knighting we went back to Stag Camp and I got made a full Stag. The rest of people partied while I just struggled to stay warm. I stole Alex’s faux fur to keep me warm which I essentially cocooned myself in. I popped up every so often to put in my two cents during the conversation.

A little after 1am we went back to the hotel after the long day and I took a hot bath, took some pain meds, put on icy hot and laid down. Randi, my underbelt, and I chatted for a couple hours afterwards still.

In the morning we packed up and left after Waffle House. The car ride back was just as exciting as the ride up. We exchanged stories and such about the event, the good and the bad.

Once home I uploaded all the photos I took at the event, took a hot bath, and then promptly fell asleep.

This morning I felt awful so messaged my doctor in Cinci who said to go get some follow up labwork and go from there.

So this week will be focused on getting my new college schedule figured out, sorting out my health, and getting stuff ready for finals as well as the 10 page essay  I have to write for English next week!

I hope everyone is doing good and as always if you are interested in writing for the blog as a guest writer you can follow the directions below!

image2 (37)

If you would like to submit your story or experience this week, you can send me approximately 500-1000 word submission with or without a photo to my email: 
Thank you!

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