Accomplishments for the Weekend

A few weekends ago we had our Kingdom Quals where people enter arts and crafts which we refer to as A&S to be judged to make sure they qualify for the kingdom position for which they are running. In my case, I was running to be Regent (the person who encourages and teaches crafting) for the 2nd time at my park.

This weekend though was coronation for our park. It happens every 6 months where we switch out monarchy members and hand out awards to people. The whole weekend had been dedicated to getting some of my college work out of the way so that I could focus on A&S (arts and sciences for Amtgard), since in just a few weeks we have our event in Maryland where I plan to enter as well.

At park I handed out awards to the many deserving people who had worked hard in the last 6 months and had achieved a lot, once I was done with my awards, then my overbelt and also the Baron of the park stepped up and gave his awards.

I received my 2nd Lion for being Regent and running it successfully by encouraging A&S and doing craft contests monthly and whatnot. I got my 3rd Rose for my work online in regards to raising awareness about disabilities within Amtgard and making it more accessible. And then my biggest accomplishment, I earned my 5th Dragon.

Orders of the Dragon are awards for crafts and art. It’s what they call a ladder award so in order to receive the next level award you have to out do yourself from the last time. It’s one of the more complicated ladders to climb, right next to fighting. There are a total of 10 orders, then your master Dragon, and then if you display the qualities that a knight has, you can even become a knight. It is a tedious process but worth it. It teaches you a lot of life qualities including humility.

I earned my 5th Dragon for a painting I did based on the game Year Walk. People in Kingdom were impressed and I was happy. It encourages me to work harder and push myself to do more.

It is really great that you can achieve greatness in so many aspects in Amtgard, because I can’t fight, even if I wanted to, I would just hurt myself more than I would do any good. So often that leaves you feeling a bit isolated but not in Amtgard, in Amtgard there are so many opportunities and that’s something I love about it.

In non LARP related goal setting, I’ve managed to schedule all my own appointments for the week, have been doing really well in writing in my therapy journal to work on identifying feelings since my therapist thinks a lot of my panic attacks come from feeling things at inappropriate times that don’t really fit the setting as well as not knowing how to portray the emotions I’m really feeling so instead I lash out.

I’ve managed to get my feeds up to almost a full 12-15 hours at 70ml/hr, sometimes having to lower it at night cause I seem to get more nauseated but over all, a good step forward to increase it some more.

I got my medical bracelet in and updated so when I go out of town with friends for the next event in Maryland, I will be prepared and whatnot if there is an emergency.

This week will be focused on a good mix of college work, starting the Depo shot for my menstrual cycle, working on projects I want to get finished to enter in the next A&S Contest, and working on plans to make this reign a great one as well for my park.

image3 (24)

And remembering tot take time to rest and take care of my health as well. I may not be able to do it all, but that won’t stop me from trying.



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