NJ Tube Round 2

After a few weeks with little to no nutrition since I lost my NJ tube to kidney stones, finally got rescheduled to get it replaced yesterday. This time we were able to get it replaced locally.

Dr. Kirkland, a radiologist near me, along with a team of nurses and other radiologists came in and talked to me. They thought they were going to sedate me or give me at least nerve medication to relax me, but nope.

I told them, “I can put it down to the stomach myself and you can do it from there.” So I placed the NJ into my stomach and to the duodenum and then the radiologist suggested I get up and walk around and see if it moves on its own.

Then he just disappeared and went off somewhere. I came out of the bathroom utterly confused as the one nurse told me he was going to go find Dr. Kirkland.

We sat and waited, he finally came back and didn’t really say where he went. But we went back and the X-Ray showed it had just coiled up in my stomach and hadn’t moved into the jejunum. So he got out a wire and pulled out the NJ a bit and then inserted a wire to guide it into the jejunum.

Despite the pressure from the wire it wasn’t unbearable. It only took a few minutes then to get it into the right place.

One that was done, we taped it into place and then I was free to head home and follow up with my GI and Primary.

Luckily we got out in a timely matter and I was able to go to college from 4-10. I was exhausted and the tape they gave me didn’t stick very well which made my nose and throat irritated from the tube moving back and forth.

By the time I got home I was already extremely fed up with the tube and had contemplated just ripping it out and saying to hell with it all. After a good cry, and a hot bath, I felt better though.

I’m now running my feed at a rate of 31ml/hr and trying to work up slowly as to not make myself sick, even though I’m pretty sure I only got sick last time because of the aforementioned kidney stones.

Now to spend the week doing school work and catching up, contacting doctors, scheduling labwork, and getting in contact with my doctors about my 23andme results which I got interpreted by Promethease. So I will probably do a post about that at some point!



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