Chronically Fabulous Easter

Since my doctors had postponed my NJ tube til Monday, I got to go with family on our annual trip to Dunkirk to visit our Aunt Rita who is a nun. The drive was about 5 hours or so and between my two step siblings, our massive dog, and luggage there was little room left for a comfortable ride for anyone, let alone someone who is already dealing with chronic pain. Never the less, the drive was worth it.

That night we went out to dinner with the whole family (A total of 11 of us) and I had a panic attack, there was a lot going on and I just went into a sensory overload between all the questions and noise. I calmed myself down though and was able to leave the bathroom after a while.

Then once our step brother went to sleep, we (Step sister, 2 cousins and myself) left to go see Superman vs Batman which was actually alright. A little dramatic for my taste since I’m used to Marvel movies and their humor and jesting, but pretty good since I am not a huge DC fan.

The next day we had the whole day to do whatever so we first went down to the pier to look out at the lake and do some antique shopping (a tradition of ours).

We grabbed lunch and then went back to visit with Aunt Rita for a few hours and hang out as a family. My step brother, Hyland, wanted to find easter eggs but most of us were too old and too tired to care to hunt for Easter eggs so we hid them for him and let him go in search of them. We were able to convince my step sister to go as well by lying and saying we hid $20 in one of the eggs. Harlan (my cousin) and I hid them all over the place by the house, I’m pretty sure if he hadn’t have helped out, they never would have found them all!

Next we decided to do some photos of my cosplay because St. Columban’s made an excellent X-Mansion for my Jean Grey costume, as well as there was a lot of nice scenery on the beach as well. I handed over my camera to Mom and let her take the photos for a while, since it is usually me behind the camera.

We walked all around and finally ended up on the beach where I ran into my step cousin, Harlan, and my stepbrother, Hyland, working on building a bridge over a small creek that had formed on the beach. The logs weren’t the sturdiest but I really wanted to walk across like how I used to do the balance beam in gymnastics as kid, sadly I’m not quite as graceful as I used to be so I needed some help.

After that, the family ate dinner and then Harlan and I started playing Uno. We played over 50 matches of Uno as he tried to catch up with the number of wins I had. He was determined to beat me. We ended up staying up close to 1am before he finally tied with me. We decided we would do a tie breaker and then call it quits, and he managed to beat me and win the game. So we declared him Easter Weekend’s Uno Champion, but next year it will be mine haha.

image4 (16)
Easter Weekend Uno Champ

It was a lot of fun though, but I had to go to bed at a decent hour for Church. Instead of going to bed like I should have I stayed up and wrote in a journal where I’ve been using short stories and such to help destress me the last couple nights (a tip from my therapist) so that I am not as stressed before I go to bed. Oddly enough, it even helps with the pain to be distracted and caught up in my own little fantasies long enough to fall asleep.

Though my alarm wasn’t set to go off until 8:25 (Mass wasn’t until 9:30), due to an 8 year old I was up at 8. I got dressed and did my makeup and helped my sister with her makeup and took her photos. Everyone started packing since we were heading home after Mass and lunch with Aunt Rita.

Church was long, and despite them telling you what pages to be on, they go off script an awful lot. There is a lot of up and down and kneeling (Which my body cannot handle so I just sit and hum along). I try my best to follow along but I get distracted easily and spent a lot of Mass day dreaming.

Once it was over we went back to the cottage and put stuff back in the car, Harlan and I went down to the lake to skip rocks. Which I was awful at so he showed me how, I did alright haha. He managed to skip one a total of 9 times which seemed like an awful lot in comparison to my one or two. I sat down and watched him for a while and dug my hands into the sand cause I knew it would be a while before I would feel the sand again. There is something about the sand and waves that just make me very tranquil and nostalgic.

We left to go meet up with Aunt Rita and Sister Corona and have lunch. They are some of the nicest people I know. They’re just so friendly. And they really taught my step brother a good lesson. They handed out chocolate rabbits to everyone except my mom, and then they asked Hyland to give her his, and when he did, she surprised him with a larger chocolate rabbit and told him, “Those who give everything they have of their away, will get better things in return.” And it just really was sweet and I hope he carries that lesson. Even if you don’t get material things back, you will be a lot happier.

Once lunch was over we did a few more photos and then headed back onto the road to get home. Finally getting home around 6. This evening has been spent printing off papers for English tomorrow and getting stuff ready for school as well. Tomorrow I go for my 2nd NJ tube placement and hopefully this one lasts. This week will be a busy week catching up on my pottery class and trying to get on the ball with everything and stay focused while making sure to pace myself so I don’t get sick.

Also preparing for next month which is Feast of Fools in Maryland for Amtgard. One thing at a time though, and remembering to take the breaks I need to not overwhelm myself. I hope everyone had as good of an Easter/Spring weekend as I did! And fingers crossed tomorrow’s NJ procedure will go smoothly!





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