Back at Cincinnati ft NJ tube

image1 (32)
Andrew the Radiologist

Yesterday I came back to Cinci Children’s for a NJ placement. We arrived at 1pm and we’re informed they would have to do an upper GI test with barium. Since I can’t keep down barium, I agreed to put down an NG tube first so they could push the barium through that.

While they waiting for transport to take me for my test and NJ placement, they attempted two IVs with no luck. They told me they would bring in the VAT team after my test.

Around 2:30 or 3pm we headed down to radiology, they did the test and said everything looked good so they let me pull out the NG tube and got out the big NJ tube. Big mostly in the sense that is was a very long tube compared to my NG, but width was about the same.

I put down the NJ myself, only for them to tell me they would have to pull some of it back out since it was coiling in my stomach. They also put a wire down the tube (which felt awful due to the pressure on that side of my face created by the tube/wire combo), and then were able to get it into my duodenum but they still needed it to move into the jejunum so they messed around a bit more in hoping to get it in the right spot.

I started getting overwhelmed so I asked for a break, went to the bathroom and then decided to continue when I got back out. Luckily, with me standing and using the restroom, the tube made it into my jejunum.

image2 (23)
NJ Tube in my system

Finally we went back up to the room and let VAT try my IV for the 3rd time, which also had zero luck. They eventually brought up an ultrasound to find a vein, which worked very this time and they were able to get me started on fluids.

They told me I would only be here a couple days unless my electrolytes go haywire. So fingers crossed that I might be out of here by tomorrow!

image3 (17)





2 thoughts on “Back at Cincinnati ft NJ tube

  1. What an ordeal! I think you’re not too old to get a sticker (or 7) for all of that crap. BTW, I used to live in Cincy and my ex used to work at the U hospital, and I hope those peeps are taking good care of you. If not, I can always call up my posse. 😉


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