Cincinnati and Follow-Up

March 7th I had my follow up with my GI team and Surgeon. So naturally to avoid having to spend 8 hours in the car in one day, we drove up to Cinci on the 6th.

We met up with my friend Ashley and her mom and hung out before getting together with my other friend Jess and her significant other to go see “Zootopia”. Which if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It actually covers some very hearty topics in a casual way.

Basically it’s this perfect utopia where prey and predator get along just fine except that the prey are constantly discriminating against predators because they feel they are more aggressive due to DNA, there for they are often ostracized and kicked out of stores and places just for being a different race… sound familiar? Over all an extremely good movie with a great lesson for kids and even adults.

After the movie I went back to the hotel and to bed since I had an early start to the next day.

Upon arriving at the GI, he mentioned that I had lost more weight, and that inflammation was found in my stomach and esophagus and seeing as how I was still throwing up due to my gastroparesis, he recommended me do NJ tube feedings, to which I agreed and I go up tomorrow to have that placed.

He also said that he thinks that my primary care physician and I are right and that I most likely have some form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but he wants to find a geneticist or rheumatologist who specializes in EDS. Of course he also said that his main concern right now is the gastroparesis and Crohn’s seeing as how EDS cannot be treated but can cause other things. So he said that while he was working on finding someone to diagnose properly on that, he wanted to focus on getting my vitamins and nutrition back up and controlling the inflammation.

With that, he ordered labs and we headed home since we needed to pack and prepare for a 2-3 day stay for the NJ tube. Luckily, I was told I could drop my own tube and then they would have the radiologist guide it from there since I have never had anyone drop a tube on me except myself.

So I will update on that more after my procedure tomorrow if I have the time. I have a bit of school work I need to catch up on from being sick the last couple weeks with everything.


5 thoughts on “Cincinnati and Follow-Up

  1. Girl! That stinks..the NJ tube, but I hope it’s good to you. When I had my last upper endoscopy, I was told it’s likely I have Crohn’s in my stomach as well as the GP. Think that may be a possibility for you? I don’t suppose it even matters. It all sucks haha.


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