Adult Panic Anxiety Syndrome by Chloe Maveal

Chloe Maveal

In honor of Rare Disease Day, Chloe has opted to speak up about her rare syndrome known as Adult Panic Anxiety Syndrome.

“I’ve always been an anxious person; even when I was a kid. But once I was 19 or so, it hit a peak point to where it was uncontrollable by any normal sets of medications. At that time I was a full time caretaker for my fiancé, who was terminal with lung cancer. I blamed my state of mind on stress.

After months of pushing myself away from the idea, I was made to go see a psychologist. That was where they explained that I had Adult Panic Anxiety Syndrome.
It was a great relief to understand what was going on after such a long time, but was a great cause of further anxiety as well (my anxiety causes anxiety… Great!)

During the process I have to say that few things were more humiliating to me than sitting in a room with a stranger (psychologist) and explain that a few times a day I feel like the world around me isn’t real. That maybe I’m in a book or a movie because the world just doesn’t seem solid enough. And that those delusions make my heart thump out of my chest, my skin feel like it’s on fire, and that I spend half of my day googling my symptoms to make sure I’m not going to die…because in my head, that is a very real possibility. I feel like I’m going crazy when my attacks hit. And more scary to me is the idea that others believe I’m crazy as well.

Since my real diagnosis in 2009, I continue to take a variety of medications and mood stabilizers daily and continue to see a therapist weekly. I still have my attacks a few times a week, but they are significantly more easy for me to push through.”

Thank you, Chloe for speaking out and raising awareness!
If you would like to submit your story or experience this week, you can send me approximately 500-1000 word submission with or without a photo to my email: 
Thank you!


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