Rare Rosacea by Lisa Jacobus


Lisa Jacobus

In the spirit of Rare Disease Awarenesses, Lisa has chose to speak up about her rare condition!

“Hi, My name is Lisa and I suffer from rosacea. At first, my nose and cheeks became red and hot, and it wouldn’t go away. I thought perhaps I had ruined my skin using a chemical peel, but then I got the pustules.  I had acne but these were different, they weren’t concentrated around my pores and wouldn’t respond to ordinary OTC acne creams.  They hurt to the touch.

So I did some research and self-diagnosed with Rosacea, which I had never before read or heard anything about.  My symptoms were the same and I had the genetic background (Irish) often associated with rosacea. From there I learned that I would need to see a dermatologist.  The dermatologist confirmed it right away. She put me at ease with her professional manner but told me to avoid triggers: caffeine, alcohol, sunlight, spicy foods.  “Oh great!” I thought.  “All the good stuff.”

She prescribed Metrogel, an antibiotic used for treating rosacea.  I took it for a while but then life got busy, I stopped seeing her and didn’t get my prescription refilled.  My skin was always red anyway and I wore makeup anytime I had to leave the house.  I really missed the porcelain skin of my youth.  I hate feeling shallow and vain, but when I was doing research for this piece, I found that I was just human. I read the National Rosacea Society’s webpage and the surveys they have done showing that the disease can significantly affect patients’ self-esteem, social and even professional life.

I started treatment again recently after reading that rosacea can affect the eyes went back to the dermatologist after doing some more research.  This time I asked for and was given both a cream and a pill that I can take once a day.  There’s no cure for rosacea but I’m doing what I can to control the symptoms and contain it.”

If you would like to submit your story or experience this week, you can send me approximately 500 word submission with or without a photo to my email: gshockey@wvup.edu 
Thank you!




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