ER Round Two

Ding Ding I step back into the ring of the ER for round two.

image1 (28)
In the ER again

Sunday left me feeling defeated as I left the ER with no answers to my pain and vomiting. Though, the ER seemed right because Monday and Tuesday went by without any problems at all.

So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up today in the same awful pain and throwing up. My goal was to push through the pain since I believed it was nothing. Plus I was supposed to go get my permit, go to my new gynecologist, and I needed to stop by the college to finalize my disability paper work.

Needless to say, I only accomplished one. With a cane in one hand and a trash can in the other, my mom and grandma and I made it to the DMV. Only once we got there did we realize we forgot my old permit, had to drive home, get the permit and drive back. Not a whole lot of fun when you are in pain and nauseated.

Despite it all though, I managed to take my written test (again…) and pass! I got my picture taken through a fake smile to hide the pain and then was headed home.

My mom called my doctor to see what we should do, and it was back to the ER and to ask for a cat scan this time.

Unlike last time, a doctor came in to see me instead of a nurse practitioner. She ordered lab work and a cat scan. A nurse came in to start my IV, she got the first vein long enough to draw blood but the saline wouldn’t go through, so she redid the IV in my left wrist. She gave me a phenergan shot as well as a shot of morphine through my IV which relieved the pain within minutes.

image2 (20)

My grandma thought I might have ovarian cysts, while my mom thought it might be a kidney stone. One cat scan later and it was decided: I had both a kidney stone and a cyst.

Luckily they were both small enough to not require a procedure. She proscribed pain meds, nausea patches, antibiotics for a UTI and had me stay to get two bags of fluids.

It would have been nice for the nurse who saw me on Sunday to not write me off and do all of this sooner so that I wouldn’t have had to go through it all again today, but at least we have answers and solutions now and I cannot be more grateful for that.


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