Tubie Friends

“Tubie Friends a non-profit group that is administered by two mothers whose children have feeding tubes and want to use their experience to make life easier for the thousands of children relying on feeding tubes for their nutrition. Tubie Friend Surgeons (TFS) are volunteers who care for or love tube feeders and donate their time and resources. Many of us are still in the trenches with you, which means that sometimes our kids have surgeries, procedures, tests, or hospital stays that takes our time away from Tubie Friends applications and processing. ” (Source)

When I first got my NG tube I was really awkward and afraid to go out in public because I was afraid people would stare or make comments or point. On this day a year ago, I got an amazing gift from my mom via TubieFriends.

It was great, even at 17 years old, I still loved stuffed animals as comfort animals. It made me feel better to have my cuddly bunny that looked just like I did. Not to mention I realized just how great this could be especially for little children with feeding tubes who never get any representation. I wasn’t the only one.

I met my friend Ari, online anyway, via our multiple chronic illnesses. She also had a Tubie Friend and actually was fundraising with her group for Tubie Friends so that they could supply free Tubie Friends for children!

Ari, being admitted in the hospital again today, made a post about the importance of Tubie Friends and how you can support them, “I’m getting admitted but there’s no rooms available for awhile so I’m stuck in the ER for now I’ll update later on with details. But because it’s 4:29 am and I need a distraction why not do a little informational photo set with my Tubie Friend showing how awesome this organization is! I don’t care how old you are, stuffed animals are a huge comfort to anyone of any age. Especially special stuffed animals like mine who matches my tubes 😀 Her name is Spoonful (based off
of the spoon theory) and she accompanies me to every hospital stay, procedure, surgery, ambulance ride, scary nights in the ICU and so on. #TubieFriends is an amazing non profit organization providing custom build a bears to children and adults with special needs and medical conditions. They’re run solely off of donations and amazing volunteers. My cosplay group and I got the honor of raising around $1,400 for them and hope to do another fundraiser in the future. I can’t thank them enough for the comfort they have provided me simply by a stuffed bunny. Go check their facebook out atwww.facebook.com/TubieFriends
If interested in getting a tubie friend yourself head on over to their lovely website to fill out an application www.tubiefriends.com

Ari and I have become amazing friends despite living across the country from each other. She lives in Texas, I live in West Virginia. My goal is to eventually save up the money to go and meet her. We skype on occasion, or stay up until 4 a.m. on the phone, and send each other care packages back and forth to cheer each other since it can be emotionally stressful to constantly be sick.

She’s the best friend a girl could ask for, and it’s thanks to companies like Tubie Friends and social media that we met, and will eventually meet one day face to face!

Make sure to check out Tubie Friends online and donate if you can! They make a world of difference for people of all ages!

image1 (22)
My best friend and I Skyping. 🙂



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