First Day of Therapy/Counselling

Today was just an intake day, so I brought in my notebook where I had made sure to list all my symptoms and concerns I had so I could be open and honest about everything going on. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be completely honest with your therapist because if you are not open and honest, then they will not be able to properly diagnosis and treat.

We talked about my panic attacks a lot and what brings them on. At the end of the session she said she thought she had narrowed it down to two or three possible things and asked me if I had ever experienced any sort of trauma, I replied no, unless medical trauma counted, she said it could depending on the situation.

We talked a bit more about that and she asked me if I ever had any nightmares regarding the medical trauma, I said not really, nothing that really stood out. So I figure whatever was related to those questions was probably scratched off the list.

She asked me what my goals were and I explained I would like to get better at social interaction, learn to cope, and reduce panic attacks. She told me that next week we would work on some new coping skills since I cannot pretend to be Jean Grey for the rest of my life. Overall, I thought it went well. I’ll be interested to see how next week goes.




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