Why I Blog About My Illnesses

I think every chronically ill person has been accused of attention seeking, it must just be a right of passage when you become sick. The fact of the matter is I blog about my life so that when someone out there gets diagnosed with something I have, they don’t have to feel alone.

There are so many people out there who are scared and upset and embarrassed of their illnesses and I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed about any part of them. And the fact of the matter is, your illness is a part of you and while it can be absolutely terrible, you shouldn’t hate yourself or feel embarrassed by it.

If someone gets diagnosed with Crohn’s, I want them to know that regardless of treatment, of surgery, etc. that they can live a happy life and that they do not need to feel ashamed. If someone gets an ostomy, I want them to know that it does not make them any less beautiful. Your feeding tubes? Still beautiful. Your mobility device? Still beautiful. Your central lines/PICCS/Ports? Still beautiful. No matter the measures taken to make your life better, no matter what the world may tell you/them, I want them to know that myself and hundreds of others out there with the same illnesses/devices are beautiful and so are you/them.

I went a good while in my life feeling completely alone in my illness, but when I met others going through what I was going through it made a whole world of difference. I never want anyone to feel alone in what they are going through, so if I can help people relate in any way shape or form, I will.


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