Botox Injections: Not Just for Celebrities

While I do consider myself a Chronic Celebrity… haha just kidding… mostly.

When you mention to people that you are getting botox injections, one of the first things they will say in reply is, “Isn’t that for old people?” Well it can be… but that’s not what they were doing for me.

The plan had been repeated to me quite a few times: pyloric dilation and botox injections into the pyloric muscles in hopes that it would hold my stomach open and allow for food to go through more.

I went up the day before the procedure as per normal, where my friends came up and hung out with my at the hotel and we just chatted and goofed off.

The morning came and we headed to the hospital and went through the normal procedure, got weighed, peed in the cup, they did my vitals, had me change into a robe. All the people came in to talk to. I was able to give my doctor the papers I had compiled on EDS/JHS before they took me back to be put under.

The lady who put me under was super sweet and when I panicked a bit- as I always do when it comes to IVs – she soothed me and put me under with a gas mask before starting my IV.

I woke up easily and decently, and was immediately ready to get up and get out of there. I didn’t get to see my GI but he said we would discuss the papers and talk with genetics when I came back up on the 7th of March. Until then I was to see how this worked for me.

Which basically catches everyone up on my life with Chronic Illnesses.




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