My First Day as an Ostomate

Let the record show that the first day with my ileostomy I was so out of it from being on pain medication and anxiety medication. You will notice in the photos my eyes are very glazed over or not focusing well, and that is why, I was mostly falling in and out of sleep. Either sleeping or being very upbeat and a bit of a maniac.

The first two photos I took when I woke up and got back into my room. I remember my friend Brandon, messaging my mom frequently to see when I would be awake enough for him to come and visit me, he always came to visit me in the hospital as well as my friend Ashley.

As soon as I could stand I went and switched into better clothes and also put on one of the ostomy bag covers I had gotten so that I wouldn’t have to look at my stoma all the time because it made me really uncomfortable at first. I developed a bit of OCD with my ileostomy, the second any contents were in the bag I had to go and immediately empty it and flush it out with water until the bag was completely clear again. I was constantly gagging because the smell really got to me when I would empty my bag, but the nurse gave me drops to put in my bag to help the smell and also I would tape my nose, the smell honestly wasn’t that bad I think that it was just that it was really over whelming to me. I wasn’t allowed food or drink for 24 hours after the procedure, they gave me a sponge which I could wet and wet my mouth with. That was the extent.

My friend Brandon came and visited me even though he mostly just ended up talking to my mom I think because as I said, I was very in and out of sleep. They gave me something that night for anxiety that actually led to one of the worst freak outs I’ve ever had, I was crying and screaming and talking about all the people I missed which I know broke my mom’s heart when I was crying about how much I missed my grandfather (her dad). A nice nurse actually came in with a cold cloth and rubbed my legs and calmed me down enough til I could pass back out, but I don’t remember it very well minus a few details. I know my mom could probably tell it more clearly than I.


My boyfriend wasn’t there with me (though he did come to my birthday at the hospital) but he made sure to check in on me when I wasn’t passed out. This is also a good example of how out of it I was considering my typing was AWFUL, but funny. I also got into a rant with my friends Ryan and Randi about how Alpacas deserve the right to marry whomever they want… but at least my reaction to the pain meds were better than they normally were for me. The surgery was the 4th of June, my birthday is the 6th of June.





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