The Day Before I Became an Ostomate

Before we left for Cinci I had to have a full check up with my health, they checked my heart and lungs and everything else they could think of that way there was nothing unexpected during the procedure. We threw a fundraiser party with raffle prizes and spaghetti dinner to help raise money to cover the time my mom would miss from work so she wouldn’t fall behind on bills while in the hospital with me.

We went up the day before my procedure and stayed at the hotel, we always do this since it’s a four hour drive up to Cinci that way we didn’t have to leave at 3am for the procedure the next day at 7am.


We spent the day at the aquarium in New Port with my friend Ashley.

Petting the sharks was always my favourite part. I used to it all the time when I lived in Kentucky.

After the night was over, we went back to the hotel, I took a bath and went to bed, I wasn’t really nervous, I was relatively calm since I had had time to prepare for it. Morning came quickly, we left for the hospital and did the usual routine, we filled out the paper work, they got my IV started, they had the surgeon, GI, anethesiologist, and nurses come in and talk to me, I got changed into the gown and was eventually wheeled off to the OR and put to sleep.

image8 (2)




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