Senior Year in the Life of a Sick Kid: Prom

Despite not attending my Senior year there was some aspects I still got to partake in. I didn’t get to go to my Junior prom, and honestly had it not been for my amazing friend Jessica (who’ve I’ve been best friends with since Pre School) asking me if I wanted to go with her I would not have gone at all. It was fun to go to some extent, but I also had a lot of issues regarding feeling very isolated. It had been a year since I left school and it was hard seeing how everyone you used to be close to their lives still moves on while I felt stagnant like I was stuck in the mud because my life hadn’t progressed in the year, I hadn’t taken my ACTs, hadn’t applied to colleges, or applying for scholarships, I had just found out they were going to do an ileostomy and bowel resection in June… that was it as far as my life plans went. It was hard seeing everyone smiling and happy and care free while I was worried about my cane and NG tube and insecure about my prednisone face. I think Jess has been the one friend who has been with me through thick and thin, while we might not always hang out on a regular basis she is by far the most supportive and kindest and would do anything she could for me. It saddened me when the night was over, I was overwhelmed from all the social interaction, and knowing that that mile stone in my life was over and I would never get to redo it.

I am extremely grateful that I got to participate, regardless of my moon face, NG tube, cane, etc. It was nice to spend that with my friend.

image4 (4)




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