Senior Year in the Life of a Sick Kid: Graduation

Another moment which for most people would have been a happy day, for me it was the beginning of a count down to my ostomy procedure and another reminder that others were getting ready to move on in a more positive way in their life. They had it set up so I could be the first person to get their diploma and then I could leave. I was grateful for that since it mostly just made me feel awkward to be there. I cut off all my hair the day before Graduation because I think my hair looks better that way.

We took a lot of photos…

After graduation I threw a small party for some friends which consisted of playing games, watching movies, and just hanging out since I wouldn’t see them for a while since I would be leaving for Cinci in a week for my bowel resection and ileostomy. Everyone else was preparing for college and I was preparing to have my intestines snipped and redirected to my outside and spend my 18th birthday in the hospital… I guess everyone celebrates that brutal push into adult hood differently.



2 thoughts on “Senior Year in the Life of a Sick Kid: Graduation

  1. Hi honey,
    Not sure if you are interested or not but I love your writing and would love for you to write a piece about your experience with Crohn’s… or even a piece about the symptoms… something to help a newly diagnosed sufferer. My recent blogpost has more information.

    Keep smiling xo


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