Senior Year in the Life of a Sick Kid: Amtgard

Part 2…

October 31st I got my NG tube, It was uncomfortable at first but I adjusted. IMG_3027 The extent of my social life became Amtgard because I didn’t have to fight or do anything that required much, I spent most of my time crafting since the community had a large amount of crafters. They were by far the most accepting group of people I’ve ever been around. It was really nice especially after my speech and debate teacher had basically shunned me since I had gotten sick and I was no longer able to go to competitions. I started making jewelry, wire wrapping, painting, drawing, started sewing to make my own garb. People really liked me there it seemed which was nice since I hardly ever saw any of my friends anymore because they were busy with Senior Year and planning for college which is what most people at that time in their life should be doing.


I went to events when I could and they were the most accommodating people when it came to helping me and respecting my boundaries. I made many new friends, boyfriend, etc. It was the first time in a very long time that I felt really happy with myself and who I was surrounded by. Don’t get me wrong, I still missed some of my high school friends but there was something about this new group of people that just was a lot friendlier and more accepting. They asked me questions and tried to understand what was going on so that they could help me to the best of their ability.

The original plan was 8 weeks, nothing by mouth and do just formula feeds, I was supposed to be able to go back to oral intake after the holidays, but I ended up on them until June.






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