11th Grade

image1 (3)

My 11th grade year I encountered more fistulas. It was the 3rd week of Februrary, I was at a concert with a friend when my fistula ruptured on me, we headed to my hospital the next day. I thought that things would go much like they had the last time, they would insert a seton, and I would go on my merry way. I woke up with an epidural and catheter, they still did the seton placement and after I was stable enough to leave we left. I thought it would heal up quickly and my life would be like it was before.

image4 (1)

We went to New York a few weeks later to go visit my Aunt who is a nun. I went to an Amtgard (LARPing) event in April, things seemed to be fine, it was healing up. My doctor had upped my dose to 2 humira injections every other week.
image2 (2)

I went to Camp Oasis that year as per usual, except I was week, I spent almost every day laid up in the cabin in pain, or throwing up, I threw up outside the food hall and was having trouble keeping things down. I still participated as much as I could which mostly consisted of evening events. I felt awful, especially since I knew it was going to be my last year as a camper there and I was missing out because I was sick. My joints were hurting all the time when I walked, and even throbbed when laying down. My hair started to thin and fall out even later in the summer. And while I was in Kentucky visiting my friend Ashley, another fistula was there and I ended up admitted just a few days later in Cincinatti hospital for a new fistula. They redid surgery and I started seeing a new GI doctor who switched me to Cimzia. Alas I was going to miss time from my senior year while I recovered from the surgery.


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