What Happens After Getting Diagnosed

There are some things that are for certain with a diagnosis: a lot of questions. Was Crohn’s disease curable? No. Would it kill me? No. How long would it last? For the rest of my life. Was it treatable? Yes.

Of course there were some things that were uncertain, I had missed the majority of my 4th grade year, I ended up quitting dance and cheerleading and student council, my parents began to fight more and more. They fought over medical bills, they fought over my brother and I and were stressed over the fact that they hadn’t been spending as much time with him as they had been with me, they tried their hardest to not fight in front of my brother and I but I think they were both just far too stressed.

My doctors decided to start me on 6MP at the time along with flagyl, cipro, prednisone and some other supplements. Of course this was shortly lived and by the end of my 5th grade year my liver was having issues with the 6MP and after an umbilical hernia repair they decided it would be best to start me on Remicade.



This is a photo of my dad, mom, brother and I when I was little. It seems really strange to see them together in this photo since they’ve been divorced now for almost 5 years…



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