My first Remicade infusion my Grandpa Shockey (My dad’s father) took my mom and I up for since we had to drive two hours away to Nationwide Hospital for the infusions. On the way to get my grandfather, a lady rear ended us and we ended up late. Regardless, two hours after the mess we made it to the hospital in one piece, despite my mom having injured her shoulder but she was too concerned about getting me to my infusion to go to the hospital to get herself checked out.

Remicade infusions were rough at first, but they soon became a piece of cake. The nurse would give me a Benadryl and tylenol before starting my IV, the Benadryl would make me sleepy so usually I slept through the infusion. They were only supposed to take 2-3 hours but due to complications mine often ran 5-6 hours long sometimes even longer than that since my BP (blood pressure) would constantly drop or I would have tightness in my chest.

I had a habit, I always like sour dough pretzels and coke during the infusion, they were my comfort food. The comfort food changed depending on the hospital I received my infusions at. I was on remicade for 3 years. I will continue that though in a later post.




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