Moving to Kentucky and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital




The end of my 7th grade year also was right before we moved to Burlington, KY because my dad had been required to transfer to a different Plant. That summer we also went to Florida where we went to Disney and Discovery Cove. Another photo of my family all together. This was probably one of my favorite memories because at the time I wanted to be a Marine Biologists. The dolphin’s name was Tyler.

image1 (1).JPG

(Picture of me petting a grey shark at the New Port Aquarium)

The move to Burlington was a huge adjustment, I never did well with change but it was a nice neighborhood filled with nice people, the school was nice, it was really nice. Very suburban. We only lived there a year but I made some friends there I still have as well such as my good friend Ashley and my friend Brandon (who I both still go to visit whenever I’m in Cinci for hospital appointments or they come to see me if I’m in the hospital).

Cincinnati Children’s was by far one of the largest hospitals I had seen except for Cleveland Clinic who I had only visited once for a second opinion regarding Crohn’s Disease. I continued monthly Remicade infusions at Cinci while also doing theatre. I was in Into the Woods Jr. I got the Director’s Award at the end of the year because I showed up and preformed even after I got my infusion the same day.

Toward the end of my 8th grad year I began to have more issues with the Remicade, they were having to give me a cortisone shot with every infusion due to chest pain.

At the end of the summer after my 8th grade year, my mom decided we were moving back to West Virginia. I would then go to Morgantown for my infusions shortly before having a fallout with the doctor there and deciding to go to Huntington Hospital and switching to Humira.

The beginning of my 9th grade year was stressful, my health became more managed with Humira but my mom dropped the bomb that she was divorcing my dad. We moved in with my grandmother and grandfather (my mom’s parents) while we tried to sort everything out.





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