In the 6th grade despite starting Remicade which really did seem to help things, I had to deal with another lovely side of Crohn’s Disease: Fistulas.

I had a knot on my left labia that would come and go, none of the doctors thought anything of it and it didn’t seem to show up on any of the tests they did so we didn’t think anything of it. I wish I could tell you more about my 6th grade year, but honestly I cannot remember my 6th grade year at all, I get little flashes but after the fistula surgery in the 6th grade, it all became a blur. All I know is that I was in a construction class and we were going to repair the ping pong table for the school and as I went to lift on the table with everyone else I got an extremely sharp pain on my labia, I remember going to pre algebra and it being so painful to sit that I was crying. That night my mom and dad drove me to the ER in Columbus at Nationwide Hospital where they did a quick ultrasound and discovered it was a ruptured abscess and now a fistula and they needed to do surgery or else there would be risk of infection and septic shock, etc. I awoke with what they called a seton, a small straw like drain that they would remove later when the infection and inflammation had gone down enough for it to fully heal.

I missed the rest of my 6th grade year, but it healed up. I started feeling better and we all thought that maybe that was the worst of it, the remicade seemed to have everything under control and I really thought that was the worst of it.

I soon started seeing a psychologist at Nationwide Hospital for my anxiety and depression brought on by everything. It really helped though it didn’t seem like it at the time.

7th grade went by fairly easily and I also got my first experience with Camp Oasis!




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