Crohn’s and I

Diagnosis Story

     The first night in the ER was mostly a blur, it was Shark Week on the discovery channel I remember that much. My mom was singing “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie. Overall I don’t remember too much of the first couple nights except they wanted to test both my stool for worms I think… I could be wrong. It seemed like a long night at the time but it went by fairly fast. I was admitted and they wanted to start an IV, I had only had labwork before and I wasn’t too cooperative about that and the idea of having an IV freaked me out at the time (Still does). A nurse wanted to start the IV in my hand, despite me asking her not to because I prefer my IVs in the crook of my arm where they draw labs. Instead she and another nurse pinned me down to start the IV in my hand and start me on antibiotics. My mom kept binders of everything that happened, every medicine they gave me, anything I ate, all my output, etc. Within a day, the IV in my hand became infiltrated and caused my hand to swell painfully. They removed the IV but wanted to stick my other hand, again I asked them not too but being only 9 then they refused to listen again. (My birthday took place before I ended up in the ER. Symptoms started in May, birthday in June, was in the hospital in August or September.)

That hand soon became infiltrated too. They finally moved the IVs up but not where I would have preferred. This continued for months while I had catscans, MRIs, EKGs and all sorts of tests but nobody could figure anything out. The doctors locally mistook inflammation in my intestines as me just being really constipated and decided I needed an enema, but instead it just caused more damage due to the inflammation in my rectum.

Eventually the local doctors gave in and finally admitted they had no idea what they were doing or what was wrong and decided to send me to Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They took me by ambulance after switching my IV again due to infiltration and back into my hand (again despite my wishes).

At Nationwide Children’s they got a group of Gastroenterologists to look at me and they decided I needed an colonoscopy and endoscopy. One colonoscopy and endoscopy later, and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.


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