Camp Oasis

My first year at Camp Oasis was lovely. I made friends with a girl named Violet and we became attached quickly. It was so great meeting so many other people who had the same thing as I did. I learned a lot that year about treatments and experiences and made lots of long time friends.

It was about 4 days long and they had scheduled activities and each year had a different theme. We sang songs, played games, talked about all doctors and nurses and treatments and what medications we were on. I saw a counsellor do her first Humira injection, which would later be me as a nurse taught me for the first time how to inject myself with my Humira. When I became an LIT (Leader in Training) I would even show the children how I gave myself my own Humira injection. I watched a girl (Violet) drop her own NG tubes every night, at the time I never thought I could do it (I eventually learned I could). Camp Oasis showed me that I could do anything regardless of my illness.

I definitely recommend Camp Oasis for any teens or children diagnosed.



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